5 AI Applications that Help Your Ecommerce Revenue

Artificial intelligence isn’t just for high-end government spy networks. Several tech giants have been using AI algorithms for years, and they’ve brought the technology to mainstream site owners. AI can be used for a number of marketing, ecommerce and SEO applications. For instance, Google uses AI to intelligently show you ads for products you might be interested in, but you can also use AI for basic WordPress applications that help your site grow. AI is still new for most WordPress owners, but some developers have brought basic tools that help improve ROI and revenue.

AI for WordPress SEO

Search engine optimization is a wide topic that most site owners vaguely understand but know they need to improve. Most site owners have at least one plugin (such as Yoast) to help them with improvements on content and technical structure, but these suggestions are basic and don’t give you an overall picture of how your site looks to search engines.

WordLift incorporates AI for SEO. It not only works with structural changes but helps with content organization and user engagement metrics. It provides graphs and visuals to help you better optimize images, content, links and other WordPress functionality.

Chat Bots for Better Customer Service

AI is commonly used for chat bots that answer numerous basic questions for users. If you’ve ever gone to an ecommerce store and seen a popup that asks if you need help, this is likely an AI chat bot.

Chat bots are useful for customer service type questions that your visitors have regarding site products or where to find specific information. They give your site the illusion of staff customer service representatives waiting to answer questions, but instead it’s a bot. These bots can answer basic questions that might frustrate users and cause a higher bounce rate.

You can even create your own chat bot using specific ecommerce questions and answers related to your WordPress site.

Scan Your Site for Malware

Hackers are getting more clever every year. Leaving malware on your site can cause numerous problems including spreading it to your visitors’ computers, stealing data and even damage to your brand when customers identify your site server as the source of the malware. It’s important that your user experience is safe and you provide a safe way to store their data.

Quttera uses AI to scan your site and identify malware. It detects numerous backdoors, trojans, shells and other threats that could harm your site. It also has an element of SEO by alerting you should your site be delisted by Google in their search engine.

Getting Rid of Writer’s Block

Creating new content frequently is always a top priority to keep your site ranking well in search engines. it’s not easy coming up with new topics and writing about them every week. MyCurator uses AI that can help you find new topics from across the web.

The plugin pulls relevant content from across the web and displays it in your dashboard. You can choose to write a new article based on the topic idea or create a small blurb and redistribute the link on your site. It’s a great way to keep content flowing on your site without spending hours coming up with new ideas.

Pricing Your Product

If you’re new to the industry or just need to know where to price products competitively, Darwin Pricing uses AI to help. It mines data from competitors and other popular outlets and makes intelligent decisions for your own store. You can geotarget the service to stay competitive locally as well as globally.

Darwin also helps with discounts and couponing, so you can fully automate pricing discussions with your users. The result it a better ROI and revenue for your ad campaigns and marketing. Even if you have a local brick-and-mortar shop, this tool can help you compete with local stores to draw in more customers.

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