7 WordPress Themes Designed for Speed

If you know you need speed and don’t know where to start when selecting a theme, we’ve got a few themes from Themeforest.net that you should check out. These themes were tested for speed and cover a wide range of different types of themes that target specific industries. You might need a developer to customize them, but they run out-of-the-box after you download them.

  1. News Sites and News Magazines

If you want to start an online magazine, TopNews is one of the fastest themes on the market. It has all the features you want in an online magazine including headlines, featured articles, video and media-rich layouts. It’s also suitable for sites that intend to publish a lot of content within a day similar to a time-sensitive news outlet.

  1. For the Creatives

Creative websites are notoriously slow, because creatives need high-quality images to sell their product. They can’t have low-level images or media, because it hurts their bottom line. Mango solves all of your speed problems by offering a fast alternative to most slower media themes. It’s specifically made for high-level visual elements while still keeping speed in mind due to SEO constraints.

  1. Travel Agents and Travel Bloggers

Travel bloggers also have the problem of needing high quality images but still need to keep the site fast. Travelista is an alternative from most slower themes made for travel blogging. This theme comes with a variety of colors and options giving the travel blogger plenty of room to discuss their travels and lay it out for readers. It’s also responsive, so traveling mobile users can easily read your content.

  1. Foodies and Restaurant Bloggers

Talking food is probably one of the most fun blogging experiences. You can connect your own blog with one of the several critiquing sites such as Yelp and Google Reviews. Marco is a blogging theme created specifically for foodies. It’s fast and streamlined, but it also gives you the ability to post high-quality images. It’s responsive too, which means you can eat and rate restaurants on the go.

  1. Personal Bloggers Need Speed Too

Not everyone has to blog about a specific topic. Plenty of people enjoy a small personal blog just to discuss life with family and friends. Blueberry does just that for personal bloggers and gives them the ability to customize their readers’ experiences with 5 different layouts and several widgets. It’s clean and minimal, so your blog doesn’t become terribly cluttered like bigger blogs that try to fit everything on the front page.

  1. Sports Bloggers and Reporters

Sports bloggers are always on top of the latest sports news. It’s a type of blogging platform that requires ease-of-use so that the blogger can quickly update their pages with the latest news. Sport Center is a fast blogging platform specifically designed for speed and intuitive reporting design.

  1. SEO Agencies and Bloggers

Every SEO knows content is king, so you need your own fast, intuitive blogging platform to show off your skills. Whether it’s blogging or advertising your products, TopSEO is the fastest on the Themeforest market made for you. You need a fast, reliable theme for SEO to avoid looking like you don’t “walk the walk” when you discuss SEO issues with clients.

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