April 19th Mid-Week report: Announcing 3 new PoPs & the latest in web performance.

Last week was a big week for CDN.net – we deployed 3 new PoPs, bringing online Jaipur, India, Jakarta, Indonesia & Johannesburg, South Africa. You’re able to see the full PoP maps for each of our plans below.

Interactive Maps: CDN X | CDN Exec | CDN LUX

Now for the latest in web performance.

Combine CloudFlare with CDN.net for ridiculous speeds.

Using CDN.net with CloudFlare can offer the best of breed in terms of security and performance. We’ve written a quick 15 minute tutorial to get everything setup, so you can take advantage of the security from CloudFlare and the high-performance of CDN.net.

Deploying Jenkins as a standalone application.

Jenkins is a deployment application that lets you script your change control components, saving you time and reducing mistakes. If you want to deploy Jenkins as a standalone application, you can run the Java file on your server using these steps.

Why cache hit rate matters for CDN services.

Here’s something most CDN providers won’t tell you: sometimes using a CDN can negatively impact performance. Here’s why, and tips on how to get the best performance from your CDN services.

Building your future API to increase revenue.

APIs are cost-efficient ways to get your brand recognized and integrated in multiple systems. Who better to talk about building a robust system than Twitter with its millions of users sharing one application? Before you lay out your design, here are some tips.

Identifying plugins that could be hurting your WordPress site performance.

Is your WordPress site running slow despite doing everything right? It could be from a poor choice in plugin selection. We’ll show you how to find out which plugins might be turning your site into a slug.

Don’t fall for vanity metrics.

It’s hard distinguishing metrics that promote evolution and expansion and those that do nothing but stroke our egos. As a founder, it’s important to understand the difference. In an interview with Lloyd Tab, he explains how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

If you use Microsoft Word, it’s time to patch it before downloading any more documents.

A new zero-day virus attached to Microsoft Word was recently patched. Most people know about macros and malware, but what makes this one special is that macros don’t need to be enabled to infect a system.

The ultimate, undetectable phishing attack.

A legal researcher uncovered an attack that is almost undetectable in certain browsers. Malicious attackers can spoof legitimate corporations and even have an SSL certificate registered to it.

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