Can You Afford to Damage Deliverability?

It seems as though everybody is talking about content lately. It’s the latest buzzword on blogs everywhere.

So let’s assume you’re already up-to-speed with the latest thinking on online content provision. You’ve got everything you need to hook customers in and keep them engaged throughout the online journey.

But have you thought about how your content is being delivered? Are you sure your content is being viewed by users in the best possible way?

The challenge isn’t just creating the content. We all know that our customers love video, newsfeeds, pod and vodcasts, live streams… but how do you know it’s even reaching them? Deliverability is key. In fact, content is worthless unless you know it is being delivered in a high quality, reliable way. Is yours?

You might create broadcast-quality video to really impress your customers or clients. But it won’t impress them much if it endlessly buffers while they try to download it. Nor will it impress them if download speeds are slow or if the images are jittery. Too often, online video is delivered to users as a choppy, jumpy format that is virtually unwatchable. So much for the online experience.

So why does this happen? Usually, it is because most businesses think really carefully about how their content looks. But not enough about how it is delivered. The fact is that websites hosted in a single location will always be slower and less responsive when customers are far away from that server.

It’s vital that Sales and Marketing start to give more consideration to ensuring that content is delivered in a consistent, fast and reliable way. Otherwise, it’s their bottom line that will suffer. Looking ahead, more and more businesses will be relying on Content Delivery Networks to deliver their content.

A Content Delivery Network uses multiple servers across the globe so that it can distribute the same content to lots of users, in a consistent, reliable and fast way. Simple, but ingenious too. is the provider with the greatest reach with more than 2000 clouds delivering your content in 78 countries. Imagine the number of customers you could reach!

Imagine, more to the point, the peace of mind. Knowing finally that the content you create is being delivered as it deserves to be; in the highest quality, at the best speeds and to the most number of people.

Staying Ahead of the Competition with Unbeatable Web Performance

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Traffic? The visuals? The content? Speed? Customer satisfaction?

‘Speed’ is the only answer that matters. Every possible factor that you could want to measure stems from the speed of your website. Consider how all other elements are affected by it; traffic drops off and customers get bored, the visual panache and content of your site is a waste of money because no-one sticks around long enough to appreciate it – and your bottom line takes a battering as a result. Even SEO is affected; site speed is a signal used by Google in their search ranking algorithms.

Clearly, it’s not enough to have a flashy website or killer content. Whilst both are important (the relevance of the content on a website is the number one driver for boosted SEO), speed is what will keep visitors on your site long enough for them to care about the detail. It averts the dreaded abandoned shopping cart, the annoying buffering of a product video and the delayed download of valuable content. In other words? It’s your key to success.

Now, unless you’ve identified a particularly slow page on your website – it may have been raised as an issue internally or, worse, a customer has complained – can you honestly say that you’re proactively doing all that you can to improve the speed of your website?

What about your competitors? Are they?

And that’s where the opportunity arises; staying ahead of the competition with unbeatable web performance. You’ll be pleased to know that doing so isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. In fact, just as speed holds the key to website success, Content Delivery Networks hold the key to speed…

A Content Delivery Network (or CDN) ensures that the server physically closest to the end user delivers your website’s content, guaranteeing the quickest possible loading time and highest possible quality. It’s not rocket science – and the good news is that, unlike days gone by when a CDN was a luxury held for only the major players, it’s now more freely available to businesses – with built-in flexibility and scalability (a big plus for your accountancy department).

Talk to us about the speed of your website – and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Load Content Quicker, Engage Global Users Easier

Update: We posted a new article explaining why low latency CDN is so important for eCommerce stores. See the update here: Why low latency CDN is important for eCommerce stores.

Beautifully crafted content is a huge asset for any online business. Great video content can be the perfect  way to personalise and humanise your brand. It can be a stunning way to showcase products and services. A live streamed event can help you to engage audiences in multiple locations at the same time – not just diverse audiences, but a genuinely global customer base.

It seems obvious, so why aren’t more companies delivering better content online? Faster broadband speeds are allowing faster connections and faster downloads – so more customers than ever are able to engage with their favourite brand, businesses and products online. Why not make that experience as rich and engaging as possible?

The reality is that creating the content is relatively simple – but delivering it can be much more difficult. Content delivery is such a hot topic right now. Users in different locations can experience different download speeds – and the physical distance from the hosting server can have a huge impact, causing content to be jittery and choppy or simply not work at all. Online customers can become disenchanted and disillusioned quickly, then simply click away to a competitor site.

The good news is that there is a way to ensure that your content is delivered in the right way. A Content Delivery Network (CDN) duplicates content across multiple local servers or clouds so that content is delivered to users by servers closest to them. The more servers or clouds within the network, the more reach.

CDNs are fast becoming an indispensable resource for businesses looking to reach a global online customer base. is the provider with the greatest reach. With more than 2000 clouds delivering content in 78 countries, we have the capability to deliver high quality, engaging content to a global customer base.

Do you have a global customer base? Or, more crucially, would you like one? Do you want to engage your customers in fresh, distinctive and creative ways? Do you want to create great online experiences that increase customer loyalty? Then the only question left is; why aren’t you using