How Brings the Faster Downloads to Gaming Customers

This year brought some amazing expansions for large MMOs and long-time series favorites in the gaming world. If you were gaming just a decade ago, you knew that the release of a new expansion meant server overload for the gaming developer, and the download for the installation would take hours. Even if you managed to download and install fairly quickly, you then had to fight for resources among all the other online players. The game has changed with the use of a gaming CDN such as


Server farms can handle a massive amount of data transfer, but even they get overloaded during big expansion launches with games that have millions of subscribers. You can have the fastest servers available, but you still can have bandwidth bottlenecks.

With a CDN, speed isn’t an issue. Bandwidth is managed using data centers across the globe. A gaming developer no longer has to prepare for a massive amount of traffic with a CDN, because users log into the platform at a data center that’s closest to their location. Bandwidth is then load balanced by the CDN as users connect in different locations around the globe.


Scaling is difficult for anyone to see in advance. You can use formulas and projections from your historical trends, but should a game take off it’s not always a viable way to foresee a spike in traffic. With a CDN, you can scale without relying on your own hardware. You take advantage of the CDN’s equipment, so it even saves you money from scaling your local network.

Every game developer has the issue of scaling equipment in the back of their mind, because poor scalability can crash your game and destroy the success of your launch day. It takes more money in the beginning to make sure your environment is scaled, but it saves you in the end.


No gaming developer wants to see a headline that their application has a data breach. The public including online gamers look for security when they connect to a server. Without SSL, most tech savvy gamers will question the legitimacy of the web connection. Gaming servers and communities have long been a target for attackers due to the millions of user accounts stored on a server. MMOs are often the target of DDoS attacks, and in even some occasions stealing an account is worth money for an attacker.

With a CDN, you limit your security risk and improve the protection of your user data. You still need good protection from internal leaks, but a CDN can help you implement SSL for secure connections and give you a platform to determine the way you want users logging into your gaming content. DDoS attacks can be redirected and mitigated with a good CDN implemented with your application and stop it before it brings down a game for everyone.

All three of these added benefits come at a low price, especially if you calculate the risk of revenue loss without a CDN. You can take advantage of the best technology, speed, scale and security without a massive budget.

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