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Update: We posted a new article explaining why low latency CDN is so important for eCommerce stores. See the update here: Why low latency CDN is important for eCommerce stores.

Beautifully crafted content is a huge asset for any online business. Great video content can be the perfect  way to personalise and humanise your brand. It can be a stunning way to showcase products and services. A live streamed event can help you to engage audiences in multiple locations at the same time – not just diverse audiences, but a genuinely global customer base.

It seems obvious, so why aren’t more companies delivering better content online? Faster broadband speeds are allowing faster connections and faster downloads – so more customers than ever are able to engage with their favourite brand, businesses and products online. Why not make that experience as rich and engaging as possible?

The reality is that creating the content is relatively simple – but delivering it can be much more difficult. Content delivery is such a hot topic right now. Users in different locations can experience different download speeds – and the physical distance from the hosting server can have a huge impact, causing content to be jittery and choppy or simply not work at all. Online customers can become disenchanted and disillusioned quickly, then simply click away to a competitor site.

The good news is that there is a way to ensure that your content is delivered in the right way. A Content Delivery Network (CDN) duplicates content across multiple local servers or clouds so that content is delivered to users by servers closest to them. The more servers or clouds within the network, the more reach.

CDNs are fast becoming an indispensable resource for businesses looking to reach a global online customer base. CDN.net is the provider with the greatest reach. With more than 2000 clouds delivering content in 78 countries, we have the capability to deliver high quality, engaging content to a global customer base.

Do you have a global customer base? Or, more crucially, would you like one? Do you want to engage your customers in fresh, distinctive and creative ways? Do you want to create great online experiences that increase customer loyalty? Then the only question left is; why aren’t you using CDN.net?

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