New Tools available with your services.

Your service with just got a whole lot better. We’ve made numerous improvements that we’re now able to proudly show off. Ready?

LetsEncrypt Integration
You’re now able to automatically generate LetsEncrypt SSL certificates for your resources hosted on Simply enable the LetsEncrypt SSL option and our system will do the rest. No longer worry about having to upload keys, or linking to a 3rd party website. See how to enable LetsEncrypt SSL.

WAF Security Rulesets
Performance and security now go hand in hand. Make your web applications more secure, using our WAF security rulesets. These rulesets automatically scan your inbound traffic for known malicious traffic patterns. These can be XSS, CSS exploits, or numerous other vulnerabilities. Currently we’ve provided 23 rulesets from the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) that you can enable for your website. See how to enable WAF security.

Improving pricing & transparency
We’ve improved our pricing – we’ve discounted our $50 plans to $45 and we’ve discounted our $100 plans to $80. All our customers have been automatically opted into the new pricing.

Our overage pricing has also been reduced. Overages are now as follows.

  • CDN-X: $.0225 per GB.
  • CDN-Exec: $.05 per GB.
  • CDN-Lux: $.08 per GB

Beautiful new statistics
You’re now able to view in-depth, beautiful statistics on a resource by resource basis in your control panel. Gain transparency, and see the total amount of cached traffic passed by Improve your insight and see the top PoPs and your most trafficked files. statistics

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