Staying Ahead of the Competition with Unbeatable Web Performance

Update: In addition to web performance, we crafted several additional ideas to ‘outperform’ your competition. See them here: Preparing your eCommerce site for Cyber Monday.

Traffic? The visuals? The content? Speed? Customer satisfaction?

‘Speed’ is the only answer that matters. Every possible factor that you could want to measure stems from the speed of your website. Consider how all other elements are affected by it; traffic drops off and customers get bored, the visual panache and content of your site is a waste of money because no-one sticks around long enough to appreciate it – and your bottom line takes a battering as a result. Even SEO is affected; site speed is a signal used by Google in their search ranking algorithms.

Clearly, it’s not enough to have a flashy website or killer content. Whilst both are important (the relevance of the content on a website is the number one driver for boosted SEO), speed is what will keep visitors on your site long enough for them to care about the detail. It averts the dreaded abandoned shopping cart, the annoying buffering of a product video and the delayed download of valuable content. In other words? It’s your key to success.

Now, unless you’ve identified a particularly slow page on your website – it may have been raised as an issue internally or, worse, a customer has complained – can you honestly say that you’re proactively doing all that you can to improve the speed of your website?

What about your competitors? Are they?

And that’s where the opportunity arises; staying ahead of the competition with unbeatable web performance. You’ll be pleased to know that doing so isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. In fact, just as speed holds the key to website success, Content Delivery Networks hold the key to speed…

A Content Delivery Network (or CDN) ensures that the server physically closest to the end user delivers your website’s content, guaranteeing the quickest possible loading time and highest possible quality. It’s not rocket science – and the good news is that, unlike days gone by when a CDN was a luxury held for only the major players, it’s now more freely available to businesses – with built-in flexibility and scalability (a big plus for your accountancy department).

Talk to us about the speed of your website – and stay one step ahead of the competition.

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