Tips on scaling from Uber & avoiding outages due to DNS DDoS attacks.

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the web performance newsletter. This week we have a collection of newsworthy items to help you maintain peak web performance and site accessibility.

Why low latency CDN is important for eCommerce stores.
When establishing your new eCommerce site, research shows it is especially critical to use a CDN to keep abandonment low, and users happy.

Video: What I wish I had known before scaling Uber to 1,000 services.
Matt Ranney from Uber shared his advice at GOTO Chicago 2016, on things he’s learned scaling Uber up to 1,000 services. Matt shared something we preach all the time: performance doesn’t matter until it does. Simply put, everything you do should be with performance in mind. Fast forward to 22:50 for more performance tips from Matt.

More on the Dyn DDOS attack, from Easy DNS
Easy DNS elaborates on the increasing size of DDoS attacks, and ways to protect yourself. Scary thought: many security experts are worried about a massive internet attack on November 8th.
How can we help? As EasyDNS recommends (and Dan York suggests), websites can use a ‘multi-DNS solution’., our sister company, offers DNS hosting out of 21 locations around the world, for free. Give it a try – if you’re in need of a server use coupon code 50OFFNET to save 50% for 12 months. Alternative solution, also offers free DNS hosting.

Thought provoking article: Want more startups? Build a better safety net.
This coincides with an older article showing Nordic cities among top 10 startup hubs in Europe.

Project Quantum promises high performance for Mozilla Firefox.
Head of Platform Engineering at Mozilla said, “We are striving for performance gains from Quantum to be so noticeable that your entire web experience will feel different.” We’re excited!

5 Unconventional Benefits Your Startup Will Get from a Hackathon.
Consider doing a hackathon if you want to force your employees to try on a different ‘hat’ and bring your team closer together.

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