Web Performance Weekly – November 14th, 2016.

Hope you had a great weekend. We’ve put together the latest news in web performance and site accessibility. As always, we welcome your feedback – let us know how we’re doing. Reach out on Twitter, or leave us a comment on Facebook.

Offer your clients a Turbocharger for their web presence.
Web designers, do you build in CDN as a standard for your client’s web sites? If you don’t, here’s a few reasons you should start.

H.264 is magic: a technical walkthrough of a remarkable technology
Everything uses H.264 now, but do you know how powerful it really is?

Progressive Web Apps with React.js
Addy Osmani put together a whole series on using progressive web apps with React.js. Part 2 especially gets into the web performance details, and explains how you can ensure your page loads fast even in poor network conditions.

When it comes to web performance, we are all winners.
How did the news sites handle the spike in traffic on the US election day? Although a few struggled with high response times, all stayed online.

Why You Should Build a Startup in Your Community
Are you building your startup and unsure where to make your home base? Sam Davtyanputs together 5 reasons why you should keep it local, instead of making the trek to Silicon Valley.

Google and Facebook are building a new transpacific submarine cable.
Google & Facebook announced they’re joining a consortium to build a new transpacific submarine cable which be ready for use in 2018. Once ready, it’ll be the largest-capacity transpacific link, transmitting up to 120 terabits per second. Fun fact: the cable will go from Los Angeles, California to Tseung Kwon, Hong Kong, and stretch 12,800km.

AT&T announces ‘stream saver.’
Very similar to TMobile’s Binge On, AT&T has announced it will automatically start to cap mobile customers on video sites to 480P. Customers will be able to opt out if they choose. Unlike Binge On, bandwidth will still count towards a customer’s mobile data plan.

Video: Faster is better, from Hristo Pandjarov
At WordCamp Nederland, Hristo Pandjarov went over the best ways to test the performance of your WordPress site, and then how to optimize it for scalability and high performance. You can see the slides from the presentation here.

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